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Armen Hakhoyan

Instructional Resource Professional
PSH 359
(480) 965-7983

Ph.D., Institute of Semicond. Physics, Kiev (Ukraine) Deposition of metal, metal oxide and semiconductor thin films (laser ablation, thermal, electron beam and plasma deposition techniques); growth, characterization and device processing; high vacuum and laser techniques; study of electrical, photoelectrical, photoluminescence, photoreflectance, modulated photoreflectance, Raman spectra and thermo-stimulated current spectra characteristics of materials in a wide temperature range; study of the influence of laser irradiation on the photoelectric and optical properties of semiconductors; study of adsorption phenomena and the photochemical reactions on the surface of semiconductors; infrared photodetectors based on doped silicon and their fabrication; laser stimulated doping of silicon; fabrication of thin film semiconductor gas sensors; fabrication and study of electrical, photoelectrical and optical properties of nanostructure semiconductors; fabrication and study of porous silicon layers; investigation of porous silicon as an antireflection coating for silicon solar cells.