Armen Hakhoyan

Instructional Resource Professional

(480) 965-7983

PSH 359

Ph.D., Institute of Semicond. Physics, Kiev (Ukraine) Deposition of metal, metal oxide and semiconductor thin films (laser ablation, thermal, electron beam and plasma deposition techniques); growth, characterization and device processing; high vacuum and laser techniques; study of electrical, photoelectrical, photoluminescence, photoreflectance, modulated photoreflectance, Raman spectra and... more

Darya Dolenko

PIRT Manager

(480) 727-8398


Wayne Easterling

Laboratory Coordinator, Sr.

(480) 965-8086

PSF 175

Wayne has been with the Department of Physics for eleven years, supporting both lectures and elementary labs as a member of the Physics Instructional Resource Team (PIRT). Originally in business, Wayne earned his B.S. in Physics degree from ASU in 1997. Then going on to the College of Education, he earned his M.Ed. in Education in 2000. Wayne also holds a teaching certificate for secondary... more

Iwonna Rzanek

Sr. Laboratory Coordinator

(480) 965-4020

PSH 359