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Research-tested Resources for Large Lectures

Much of the research on physics education points to the importance of moving the students from a passive state to active engagement. The resources in this section have been developed to accomplish just that in the large lecture.

Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, developed by David Sokoloff at the University of Oregon and Ronald Thornton at Tufts University. Demonstrations are done using an eight step procedure designed to engage students in the learning process and so convert the commonly passive lecture environment to a more active one. They report significant gains in student conceptual understanding over traditional instruction. We will provide their book on long term loan upon request to our instructors. It has a 13 page general introduction and a collection of ILDs covering a broad range of topics, most of which we should be able to provide. We may need more advance notice than usual as some of these will be new to us.

Phet - A collection of research-based web simulations from the Physics Education Technology project at the University of Colorado. A paper on teaching physics with Phet is found here.

iClicker - Clickers is the common term for Student Response Systems (SRS), a technology used to promote active learning. ASU has an enterprise agreement with iClicker, making the application available to all faculty and students at no cost. More information can be found here.

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