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Ball on a string
Catalog: 1D50.10
Circle with gap
Catalog: 1D55.10
Howitzer and Tunnel
Catalog: 1D60.10
Thermal image of finger drawing on lab table
Catalog: 5N30.45B
Catalog: 5N30.45A
4-sided meter stick on a lab table
Catalog: 1A10.35A
Catalog: 1A10.35B
Monkey and Hunter Demo - Planet of the Apes image
Catalog: 1D60.30A
Pail of water
Catalog: 1D50.40
Pendulum wave machine
Catalog: 3B10.75
The demo setup
Catalog: 1C20.10
Rods, Fur, and Silk
Catalog: 5A10.10
Rope and Three Weights setup 1
Catalog: 1J30.26
An assortment of large capacitors
Catalog: 5C10.10
Simultaneous Fall
Catalog: 1D60.20
Mass on a spring setup
Catalog: 3A20.10
Tablecloth Pull
Catalog: 1F20.30
Van de Graaff
Catalog: 5A50.30
XYZ coordinate axes with labels
Catalog: 1A30.10